Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About A Dual Screen. Smartwatch ! TicWatch Pro 4G Teardown!

A while ago, this dual-screen smartwatch caught my eye. So when mob boy, the maker of tick watch reached out and said they had a few different looks laying around and wanted to sponsor a teardown. I told them I was definitely down for the teardown.

Try this watch has two screens, one layered right on top of the other. And I want to see how they work. If it’s cold enough inside maybe, I’ll get some watches away at the end of the video. The Tick watch Pro is also one of the only Android eyes that has 4g functionality, 4g lets you make calls and send messages when your phone isn’t around it works with Verizon here in the USA and significant carriers across Europe. Their website has more information about that. And there’s also a version that comes without the 4g, and it’s a bit cheaper, both versions, however, support third-party apps. The reason we’re all here though is the dual-layered screen, which is quite possibly the coolest thing we’ve seen in a while. Let’s get started.

At the same time, the dual-screen thing is like a sandwich. You know how regular phones have a piece of glass on top of the amyloid layer for that action. Well, this tick watch instead of just having a straight piece of glass on top. It uses a liquid crystal display the LCD has functional protection for the amulet underneath it, while still being useful and displaying low-resolution information. The date, the dark screen draws so little power that the watch can last for 30 days in primary mode before needing to be recharged. That’s pretty mind-blowing tapping the screen turns off the liquid crystal display, and allows the amulet to shine up underneath the tick watch Chrome is also IP six-eight water-resistant.

The Tick watch Pro is built to the mil standard 810 G, which means it’s already been subject to a plethora of other tests like extreme temperature vibration and drop Tex can make sure I can get life running the Google wear operating system, it does all the everyday smartwatch things like phone calls notifications alarms, heart rate messages and emails, and even Google Assistant, but like always, we’re here more on hardware. The top LCD panel is made from glass and is scratch resistant.

We are flipping the watch over to the underside. We find four t three screw heads dry, which makes this guy significantly more comfortable to take apart than the Apple Watch. That thing was a glued shut nightmare, and the back panel has one ribbon connecting it to the body the watch tries ribbon handles the gold charging pins, the heart rate monitor. And there’s even a little speaker down here at the bottom as well for the alarms and loudspeaker voice calls. There is a water damage sticker inside, like all smartphones at this large orange rubber ring, acts as the waterproofing gasket for the back panel.

Three more screws are holding the brain to the frame. These are regular screws this time, then the whole circuit board and battery can pop out from the edge. It’s a pretty simple design so far, the screen and proximity sensor ribbons can disconnect like little Legos. The Tick watch pro does have two side buttons to access the ABS and stuff. They press in no rotating functionality. And in between both of those buttons is the microphone hole with its water repellent screen and the inside. I’ll pull off the graphite tape over the metal shielding, which will remove as well and just a second trial. I’ll disconnect the extension ribbon and the charging port pins, and then find the one remaining screw holding the motherboard back white plastics. The circular motherboard can lift, and I can unplug the battery from the underside. Just like another little Lego, the battery can come out of the white plastics easy enough. It’s gently glued in. It’s a 315 milliamp-hour battery which is over twice the capacity of an apple watch battery. Not too shabby, the vibrator motor inside isn’t tapped it found inside of the Apple Watch. This is an eccentric rotating mass motor, a little more on the old school side of things, but still works just fine. That circuits that control this whole operation are underneath the metal shield.

Once that’s probably a way we can get our first look at the chips on the board, which have some of the thermal gooey stuff on top Kingston, a famous memory brand with PC builders mixed this one gigabyte RAM chip. The processor is placed right below that, as I start fiddling with the screen though, I realize that for us to see both layers of screen edge, I think we have to sacrifice the watch. There’s not a right way to save the waterproof glue holding the screen halves together with the body is to permanent, which is an excellent thing for water resistance, of course, but makes for not so easy screen removal. The proximity sensor can peel off easy enough. This is what tells the watch how bright it is, and how bright the screen needs to be, as well as if something is covering the display or not like your palm so it can turn off the show when it’s not being needed. You can see the light from my phone, shining through both the transparent amyloid layer, along with the transparent LCD layer dual transparent screens. Technology is pretty sweet—thumbs up for that. A little toga rule on display connect to ribbons rips them clean off, but with a bit more persuasion we can separate the liquid crystal from the amulet.

The super-thin annaleigh display kind of cracks like a potato chip from behind the LCD, it still looks pretty cool though, the top display is an fstn LCD, which means film super twisted nematic, it’s in a positive configuration means that the glass is transparent until the pixels are turned on when the pixels are turned on it turns the screen black making those opaque numbers we saw earlier before I destroyed it. We can see the liquid from the liquid crystal leaking inside of the top broken layer LCD screen doesn’t generate its light, it just manipulates the crystals to form those black letters and counts on the ambient light to illuminate passively, which is how the watch can last for 30 days on one charge. If you’re using green using both screens brings the clock back to its every day two to five-day battery life. I think it would look pretty cool to get a transparent LCD and just put the raw circuit board behind it.

I think it’s time to check on our coal what little friend over here. We’ve left him in the water for quite a while, dry.And it looks like everything is working. Not too shabby. I’ll be giving away 10 of these watches. I know there’s a whole lot of Giveaways happening on my channel right now, but I’m sure there are no complaints, my boy, the company that makes the ticking watch is handling this one, try the link down in the video description with all the details. So follow us both on Twitter and enter the giveaway information with the link in the story.
I’ll be wearing this watch for the next few weeks, and maybe I’ll do a follow-up video over on Twitter or something with my thoughts after using it for a while. I’ve been useful GPS fitness-tracking smartwatch, and this one just might be it.

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