How To Get People To Like Asus ROG Phone 3 Durability Test A CLEAR Gaming Phone

How To Get People To Like Asus ROG Phone 3 Durability Test! – A CLEAR Gaming Phone

Today we’re going to be durability testing the brand new rog gaming smartphone. Today’s video is sponsored by excellent who I’ve teamed up with to give away a brand new, Tesla Model S elements and $20,000 in cash amaze does these massive giveaways while supporting nonprofits in our particular case we’re keeping a nonprofit called give power, which uses solar power to provide energy and clean water to regions who needed around the world. So ECM was the winner of the last Tesla Model X giveaway.

I’ll explain more at the end of the video, but you can always go to slash to donate, and also put a link in the description, and let’s get started. Dr LG phone three is one of the most powerful smartphones in the world, maybe even the most powerful smartphone. And we’re lucky enough to have the durability test. Well, we’re lucky, the phone, not so much. Inside the somewhat crazy looking box is the phone itself tucked into one side of the origami block. Try.

It’s very reminiscent of last year’s our LG phone two in the year before is our LG phone one, each of which had a giant metallic growth on the back. It was implied that metal was there to cool down the phones and pens processing and gaming power. Turns out though, after a teardown that the protruding metal was super thin and backed with plastic and also nowhere near touching the processor. So the metal on the old phones didn’t do anything, the vents, however, bent. So I’m lovely with the new aro d3 getting rid of that metal since it was just for decoration, we’ll take a closer look at this in just a second, but the vent hole still does exist. It’d be super interesting to take this inside sandbox we get our little external fan. We’ll get a closer look at that in just a second, also Inside the box we have.
I’m not smart enough for this unboxing experience.

Once we finally do get inside, there is a super-thin plastic case braided power cable, and thankfully a 30 watt charging brick charging up a massive 6000 mah-hour battery is no joke.

The thin black cases they’re more for an aesthetic fit, rather than functional protection, but I’m still glad it’s included any chance is better than no point. Let’s take a closer look at this cooling fan orgy or Republic of Gamers is claiming that this active cooling system can drive the surface temperature of the phone by four degrees, which might sound kind of cool until you realize that the black shark pro cooling system, try and drop the phone by a full 14 degrees in less than a minute since it has that thermoelectric cooler inside this fan, however, is just that a fan. Try Oh
heatsink no thermal electric cooler blows it does bring back on the jack, some cold rubs and I guess four degrees is still four degrees but taking a closer look inside the cooler.

The fan pops off its copper coils. Once I find it again. Surprisingly lightweight and flimsy. The little thin snap off very quickly. So if over time you hear a little rattling inside of the unit. It’s probably just a fan blade that decided it was done being cool.

There is no heat sink or other form of cooling just plastic and the fan,
while it does move air outside of the phone, calling it active would be similar to getting yourself, active after thumbing through Instagram for an hour. Nothing compares to that system we saw earlier this year.

And I don’t want to add insult to injury, but the fan doesn’t even utilize the vent built into the phone. I could almost justify it if it were moving the air inside of the phone. Still, it’s just more of a gentle cross your fingers, which you’ll probably need after scrolling through Instagram for an hour, jumping into the scratch test, you already know that plastic, two or three glasses of five or six and sapphires level eight or nine. This our LG phone three is using Gorilla Glass six-try, which as we know, start scratching at level six with deeper grooves set a level seven.

There are different bearing stereo speakers. The top one is next to the 24-megapixel selfie camera, and the bottom one is the bottom, neither of the large plastic reels will ever fall out or come off. Sometimes Facebook does open up on its own though, and we’ll exit out of that slice of the dark web as quickly as possible.

Phone three are made from aluminium. You can see the shiny metal under the black anodizing. Same goes for the power button and volume rocker.
This gaming phone also has non-mechanical capacitive triggers at the corners that can be programmed for different games.
The phone is blank. The left side does have a SIM card tray and an accessory port for plugging in the cooling fan and controllers. One cool thing is that the RG two accessories are mostly all compatible with this three, so you won’t need to buy an entirely new set of accessories. If you already own the two thumbs up for that. There is no built-in headphone jack, or though, just the bottom USB C port. The physical footprint of this phone is not to be underestimated. People always know Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is one of the largest phones in existence. Still, this RG three has a screen that’s larger than my note 10 Plus, it’s a big boy, the back of the phone is entirely made of glass, and at first glance, I initially tried this design on edge was just part of that glass design a nostalgic 2d representation of the former 3d Metro. Since the screws are flat like a facade. But as I look closer, those screws and that design is real. The rainbow reflective glass is a window into the phone itself.

The RG phone three is transparent, and we’re not looking at the artwork on the top, we’re looking inside at a metal heatsink, which means that this time around, metal might be useful for something, the teardown of this phone is going to be interesting. The cameras have two flashes one flush with the glass and one underneath the mirror right now three cameras, a 64-megapixel primary camera, along with a 13-megapixel ultra-wide. Then a 12-megapixel macro camera in the centre, which is fine, any camera is still a good camera, there’s nothing wrong with units. I’m just saying, and it would be a real shame if suddenly there were a lot of I love macro camera comments on RRG video. one of the most important aspects of gaming the screen. This is a 6.6 inch massive 1080 DPI display with the 144-hz refresh rate, which out of the gaming phones is pretty phenomenal. It is m OLED and starting to go wide after about 30 seconds, under the heat from my lighter did not recover. Now I enjoy gaming phones since they are usually the ones pushing mobile technology and innovating the most. And while this phone is the most powerful in a lot of different categories. That doesn’t mean a lot of it falls in the dial. And one of those basics is fingerprint reading. I can’t even set my fingerprint on the RG three because I was working on a car earlier, and my finger isn’t 100% only washing my hands every time I want to unlock my phone isn’t feasible. So this fingerprint scanner is not going to work for me. I can’t test the fingerprint drive only if the fingerprint doesn’t work in the first place. It’s time for the been test this RRG three weighs about 44 grams. More than my note ten plus four Americans that are about the equivalent weight of a golf ball.

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