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Today there is a lot of health issues that need strict attention. Heath is the most important thing. People should provide essential health benefits. Some plans always are made to cover essential health benefits. ACA (Affordable Care Act) made small group market plans to cover health benefits.

Top 10 health benefits categories:

There are a lot of categories of health benefits. Some essential health benefits categories that are included in ACA plans are below: 

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The treatment you receive in the hospital when you are admitted is known as hospitalization care. This care is necessary for the patient to recover fast. Hospitalization is the essential health benefits that will provide to critical patients. It is a sensitive issue that arises as the population continues to age.

After surgeries, patients need to hospitalize for more care. Most people do not afford charges in the hospital, which is the main issue that has been solved. Hospitalization plays a dominant role in the fast recovery of the patient. WHO or other big agencies should help in maintaining health benefits.

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Maternity care is the most important for women, in addition to the child. It improves the health outcomes for women by identifying treatable complications. Maternity care is all about caring in pregnancy and at the time of childbirth. Regular check-ups should be taken to reduce the risk after childbirth care is required as it affects a child’s health.

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Prescription drugs:

Many people use non-prescribed medicines or drugs that can affect their health negatively. Awareness should be created about prescribed drugs. 

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Emergency services:

Emergency services should not be ignored. In case of any emergency transport, staff and doctors in the emergency ward should be available 24 hours.  

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Laboratory services:

Laboratory service is one of the most dominant health benefits that should be provided to the people. It included tests such as blood tests and other tests written by a doctor required for a proper check-up.

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Ambulatory care: outpatient care

In case of minor broken bones, surgeries, and another non-hospital process, patient care is necessary to not be in a huge problem. Ambulatory care is the care which you receive without being admitted to any hospital. 

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Pediatric services:

Pediatric care is all about children’s care. Adults are the future so, no compromises are bearable on their health. 

Preventive care:

Preventative care helps to prevent diseases before they can become major ones. It includes immunization vaccines, flu shots, diet counseling, cancer screening. It may be called routine care. Annual or monthly check-ups are involved in this process. Vaccinations against various viruses are also included in this category. So, prevention care is one of the most dominant health benefits.

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Mental health care:

This is the era of technology. Everyone is living a hectic routine.

Depression is most common, especially in ages 18 to 26. A mental illness can make you miserable, affect your functionality, and can cause problems in your life. With mental illness, you cannot give your best and get tired. Mental health is essential for students because it has a significant effect on students’ academic progress. Good mental health helps youth to be thick fast and learn new skills.

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Mental health is closely related to your physical health. With mental illness, you can not work, and it also affects your relationship. Mental health plays a role in maintaining good physical health. Depression, anxiety, eating disorder, paranoia is major mental health issues. With time mental health issues increase in people. So, it cannot be ignored. Treat behavioral health, provide good counseling, or psychotherapy includes in mental health services.

Rehabilitative services:

This service is helpable if you have a disability and you are injured.This service may include physical therapy, musical therapy, and cognitive therapy. This health care helps you to get back or improves the skill that you lost during injury. In the rehabilitation process, interaction with a patient or getting a detailed interview from the patient is most important. The main focus is improving the sense of direction, rebuilding social connectedness, and improving the quality of life.

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  • It might be possible that you would require another category of health benefits. You are addicted to drugs or want to abandon them. So, in this case, you will need its treatment. Whatever you require, you would need your doctor for a better prescription.

Advantages of giving essential health benefits:

Essential health benefits are the most valuable things. If people get health benefits, they can live victoriously and, most importantly, a peaceful life. People can give more attention to their work which helps in making worldwide progress. So, in every aspect, essential health benefits are dominant.

Maintenance of health services:

Due to covid-19, there is a significant impact on the health system. Other diseases or health issues are ignored during this pandemic as all the concentration has diverted towards this newly discovered virus called the corona. Strong or rich countries should help underdeveloped countries to maintain their health services.

Many people could not get essential benefits. There are many maternity coverage problems; more than 3 in 5 people did not have proper maternity coverage. People do not use prescribed drugs that affect their health badly. So, awareness among people is an important thing to control health issues. The conclusion is that every wealthy country should participate in maintaining essential health services.

In the last, you should think that either you want to live a healthy or depressed life. Of course, everybody wants to live healthy because he needs to fulfill their dreams. So, with a better health system, every disabled will get his treatment, every woman will be provided with maternity care when she is pregnant. A person who is addicted to drugs or wants to abandon this habit will enjoy his life as a normal human being. So, reading the above content, you will decide whether essential health benefits are valuable or not.

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