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Adobe Illustrator is a PC software that is designed for graphic design. It was originally designed for Mac OS. The development of adobe illustrator was started in 1985 and was released in January 1987. The latest version of Illustrator is the CC version.

Most graphic designers use this software for every type of design and illustration. All the designs, we see in our daily life, are mostly created by Adobe Illustrator. The freelancers which work online on graphic designing also use this software. It has become the most popular software to do graphic designing. You can design all of your favorites with this software such as; you can make many kinds of Flyers, Birthday Cards, Business Cards, Visiting Cards, Invitation Cards, Posters, Brochures, Flexes, Artworks, Patterns for printing clothes, Jewelry Designs, Flat Logos, 3D logos, Cartoon Character, Beautiful Backgrounds, etc. It is supported on both Windows and Mac OS.

How to download Adobe Illustrator?

To download Adobe Illustrator, first, check that your PC or Laptop fulfills the requirements to install the Illustrator. Then visit the Adobe official site ( and install the Adobe Creative Cloud on your PC or Laptop. It will create a desktop icon of Adobe Creative Cloud. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud. You will see all the Adobe apps. Now you can install and use Illustrator. First, you can use the trial version, and then you will have to buy the software.

If you have no money to buy the software, you can also download free Illustrator from many websites. You can also download portable software from these sites. The main problem with free software is that we are not known either these are corrupt or virus-free. So, it would be best that you buy the software from Adobe Creative Cloud. You can also buy the pro version of Adobe’s all software from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Minimum System Requirements to Install Adobe Illustrator:

Ø  Intel Dual or Multi-core Processor (with 64-bit support) or AMD Athlon 64 processor.

Ø  The operating system should be Windows 10 (64-bit) versions V1903, V1809, V2004, and V1909.

Ø  RAM should be 8 GB minimum and 16 GB is recommended.

Ø  2 GB of free hard disk space is required to install and additional free space during installation, is required.

Ø  The Monitor Resolution should be 1024×768 display and 1920×1080 is recommended.

Ø  GPU should be OpenGl 4.x. Internet connection is necessary for the registration and activation of the software.

How to use Adobe Illustrator?

When you will open Adobe Illustrator, you will see the following window:

Here you can see that there are two buttons to the left of the window the first one is Create new and the second one is Open. Click the “Open” button if you want to open a saved document. Click the “Create new” button if you want to work on a new document.

When you will click on “Create new”, you will see a new window as:

Here you will see the document presets for Mobile, Web, Print, Film and Video, and art and adobe illustration. You can choose the different document presets by clicking the Mobile, Web, and others. The most commonly used presets are print documents like A4 etc. Let you click on the A4 document preset, the following window will open:

Now you can start your design on it.


At the top of the window you will see a menu bar where the following menus are placed:

·         File

·         Edit

·         Object

·         Type

·         Select

·         Effect

·         View

·         Window

·         Help

File Menu:

The file menu is used to create a new document or open a document. It is also used for Closing, Saving, Printing, Coloring, Exporting, and Exiting the Document.

Edit Menu:

It is used to edit the working such as to Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste In Front, Paste In Back, Find and Replace, Spelling And Color Setting, etc.

 Object Menu:

Object menu is used to edit the objects which are using during design. It is used to Transform, Arrange, Align, Group, Ungroup, Lock, Unlock, Hide, Show, Expand, Expand, Crop, and the object. It is also used for the setting of the Path and Shape of the objects.

Type Menu:

The type menu deals with the fonts. It is used to Find the Fonts, Change the Case of Fonts, Insert Special Characters, Insert White Space characters, Insert Break characters, etc.

Select Menu:

The select menu is used for Selecting, Deselecting, and Save the Selection and Edit the selection of the objects.

Effect Menu:

Effect menu is used to apply the effects on the objects or the designing for example we can make an object 3D by applying the 3D effect in the effect menu. It includes many options such as Convert to Shape, Crop Marks, Distort & Transformation, Pathfinder, Rasterize, Stylize, SVG Filter, and Wrap. It also includes Photoshop Effects.

View Menu:

View menu is used to show the additional things which are helpful during the design. It includes many options Outline, Overprint Preview, Trim View, Presentation Mode, Screen Mode, Proof Setup, Proof Colors, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Fit Artboard In Window, Fit All In Window, Show Slices, Lock Slices, Actual Size, Hide Edges, Hide Artboards, Show Print Tiling, Hides Bounding Box, Show Transparency Grid, Hide Template, Hide Gradient Annotator, Hide Corner Widget, Show Live Paint Gaps, Smart Guides, Perspective Guides, Rulers, Hide Text Threads, Guides, Show Grid, Snap to Grid, Snap To Pixel, Snap to Point, New View And Edit View.

Windows Menu:

Windows menu is used for setting up the windows. It performs many actions on the window such as New Window, Arrange, Find Extension to Exchange, Workspace, Extensions, Control, Toolbar, Actions, Align Appearance, Attributes, Asset Export, Brushes, Color, Color Guide, Color Themes, CSS Properties, Document Info, Flattener Preview, Gradient, Graphic Styles, Image Trace, Info, Layers, Learn, Libraries, Links, Magic Wand, Navigator, Pathfinder, etc.

Help Menu:

The help menu is very useful because when the users face problems in adobe illustrator, they can get help from this menu like they visit Adobe Help Center and solve their problems. This menu also provides tutorials to use adobe Illustrator.

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