Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Did Apple Fix The New 2020 IPad Pro Durability Test.

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Did Apple Fix The New 2020 IPad Pro Durability Test.

Apples have been claiming this new second-generation iPad Pro makes a good laptop, when paired with the magic keyboard. The Magic keyboard is the little keyboard case combo thing that allows the iPad to be magically suspended in midair while you’re typing thrive interesting. Today, we’re going to see how durable each of these are together since, you know, last time around things didn’t work out too well for the iPad Pro when it was all alone. Let’s get started.

Try. So the iPad Pro starts at $800. And the keyboard itself cost.
So we’re already in the laptop price range, not a whole lot has changed at the 2018 version of the iPad Pro.

When compared to the first generation, there is one additional camera lens on the back. But other than that, tablets are the same, same dimensions and same thickness and same microphone holo cowl side. This new second-generation tablet is three grams heavier, though. Three grams is about the weight equivalent of an American Penny, which doesn’t give me a whole lot of hope that the iPad will survive this time around either the first generation iPad cracked along the microphone hole in the side and Apple didn’t move that microphone hole in the new version. It’s still there precisely in the centre. About 17 million people watch my last video, and I guess Apple just wasn’t one of them. They probably forgot to subscribe or something.

The Apple Pencil docking station is another weak point, which is also still in the same location. You know what they say about people who don’t learn from their mistakes though, they’ll probably still be wearing a red hat this November. Inside the box, we get our USBC cord and our 18-watt charger. Pretty standard. Taking a closer look at the magic case, it’s a rather impressive piece of technology magnets, which are magical as far as I’m concerned, hold the iPad, very securely. And then the dock itself has the iPad upright as if it were floating on air. I’m impressed. The individual keys are made from plastic.Which is good, since they’ll be touching play every time the case closes the softer we get on the most scale means, the less wear and tear will have on the glass screen.

The palm rests have more of a rubber coating, and the trackpad is on scratch. Speaking of the most scale of hardness, let’s take a closer look at the screen. The top surface is incredibly well, and you can see the display underneath distort a little bit as I press down with my tools, a plastic screen would scratch a lot, or three glass would mark it a five or six and Sapphire should start scratching at a level eight or nine and judging by the scratches we see it a level six with deeper grooves at a level seven. The 11 inch iPad Pro is made from glass thin glass but still glass. There is a seven-megapixel front-facing selfie camera also protected under that same slap. We were making our way to the right side of a tablet.

The whole thing is made from aluminium, except for the plastic docking station for the Apple Pencil, the plastic allows the pencil to charge, and the built-in magnets on the side are what hold the Apple Pencil in place.
Down at the bottom of the iPad, we have more metal.
Along with the dual bottom speakers and USB C charging port.
The left side is empty, except for the fatal microphone hole. It was just chilling there like the exhaust port on the Deathstar.

The top has two more speakers, lots of phones, and a metal power button.
All of the buttons on the row are made from metal. Those little golden circles on the back are for transmitting power and information between the dark attachments. The cameras over here on end are rather interesting. There are two main cameras this time around. Megapixel regular camera and a 10-megapixel ultra-wide camera joined off to the side with a 3d LIDAR depth-sensing camera. Apple is still yet again claiming to use Sapphire on their camera lenses. But as we can see, there is still damage at level six, seven and eight were pure Sapphire would not incur these grievances until nine. Apple does like to call this a laptop replacement.
Even though not all apps can multitask. And mobile file management is rather underwhelming. It does not allow for third party mouse and keyboards to connect though, which is a step direction and pretty cool.Another pretty cool thing. American bald Eagle. These guys used to be endangered here in the United States but not anymore.

They can live for 25 years in the wild. And there are an estimated 150,000 living in North America. Anyway, I think the iPad is pretty great for drawing stuff. It’s been a while since we’ve had in our class, Jerry. Some people might not appreciate Fine Art as we do. And these some people might want to protect against scratches or hide scratches altogether. The nice thing about my teardown skin is that you can watch the outside of the iPad Pro with what’s on the inside. Oh, this is an exact representation of the iPads internals, with a couple of little easter eggs, like the no bend test warning here on the battery, which I’ll be disregarding in just a minute. It’s also got the 12 z processor location, and the four-speaker audio system. And it even still works with the magic keyboard.

Try now the screen of the iPad Pro is the same as the one from two years ago, a massive 11 inch 1668 try like 388-pixel display with a 120-Hz refresh rate, kind of like the 4k nanosilver talked about in my last video. After 11 seconds, the IPS LCD that Apple calls liquid retina goes black but does eventually recover. I’ll go ahead and peel off the skin. Since we want the test to be fair and I’m sure my skin, hit points.

There’s our bald Eagle again. Hi, America. We’ll start by bending the second-generation iPad Pro inside the bookcase, to see what kind of structural protection that offers this case weighs twice as much as the iPad itself tripling the iPads overall weight when it’s attached. And it already feels more sturdy. When bending from the back try on the front. The iPad inside its magic cases solid and very well protected in a cocoon of comfort. We are speaking of cocoons, which are magical all by themselves. I want to see what the magic inside educates looks like.

I can peel back the leather cover to reveal a bunch of white plastic. The exterior is much more challenging to peel away. Apple glue is pretty intense. I guess I could always buy one of his cool little green magnet paper things.But finding the magnets manually is a bit more exciting.

It’s interesting to see that the magnets in the case are tiny little squares, instead of one big pull. They’re all laid out in the four corners of the case and all work together to hold the iPad in place. Kind of cool keyboard is made from scissor switches and do have travel and click to them. No complaints here. But what happens when the 2020 iPad Pro is removed from its protective case, can it withstand back, or maybe someone accidentally sitting on it. Even our swooping Eagle probably can’t protect the iPad from its little microphone hole.

It was in a worse spot. The design flaw is still a design flaw, and it would have done with just one bin, the iPad Pro second generation also snaps in half, just like the first, probably goes Apple change nothing. To be fair though the iPad Pro does cost less than an iPhone with four times the real estate.

So durability probably isn’t one of Apple’s main focuses with this thing. At least now we know it is fragile, though, and we can take the necessary steps to protect it.

You’re probably asking, Hey, Jerry, did you make this entire video just so the Eagle would flap its wings. Maybe the liquid crystals are going inside of the screen, as I flex it back. It looks pretty cool. The aluminium of the iPad is soft and wavy.

It’s interesting that this time around the microphone holds for up and as expected, but the Apple Pencil dock remained intact crinkled as well.
The lightning show from the leaking liquid crystals looks pretty cool. Let’s pop off the psychedelic screen. And even when it’s completely removed, the iPad is still going nuts.

We can see the battery pouches and the speakers, just like they were laid out with a teardown skin when compared to other Apple products I feel like the iPad Pro is pretty reasonably priced. I had hoped that they would make it more durable this time around, but inexpensive cases do exist. In this particular instance, I would highly recommend not necessarily the $300 magic case, but it is nice to know that the magic can’t hold it so while you think it’s essential for the iPad Pro to be durable. Let me try out the comments.

Anyway, I’m going to wash the glass out of my fingers

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