All You Need To Know About IPhone 12 Pro Teardown – Where Are The Magnets.

All You Need To Know About IPhone 12 Pro Teardown – Where Are The Magnets.

Well, today, we’re going to take apart the brand new iPhone 12 Pro. We already know the outside is unique and different from its stainless steel sides, flush screen, and ceramic shield glass, but we know true beauty lies on the inside. The iPhone 12 Pro has a series of magnets just below the back glass. And I’m curious to see what those look like from the inside. One thing you want to avoid, though, is letting your wallet or credit card, close to the back of the phone magnets, can ruin credit cards unless, of course, you carry a shielded wallet. Huge thanks to Ridge’s wallets for sponsoring this video. I got my rich wallet about two years ago, and it’s been in my front pocket ever since I got the birthday Tarjan since titanium is one of the coolest metals in existence. Fun fact, do you know there’s a hidden spider on the $1 bill cool little trash, all your friends. All you need is $1 and some friends. If you don’t have either, you can still optimistically get a new wallet and hope for the best.

IPhone 12 Pro Teardown - Where Are The Magnets.

Oh, like, we’re all doing for 2021. I’ll leave a link down in the description. You can use the code Jerry rigged to get 10% off your order and free worldwide shipping. There’s a lifetime warranty and a full 45-day return policy if you don’t like it. I’ve been happy with mine, though. Now it’s time to take apart the new iPhone 12 Pro. Let’s get started.
The iPhone 12 Pro design has changed things up a bit this year. But of course, it still has the two screws down at the bottom. This time around the iPhone. Pro is quite a bit more water-resistant as well. Even IP six-eight but tested at a depth of six meters in water instead of the standard four meters. The iPhone 11 Pro was tested last year. So there is quite a bit more adhesive, which requires more heat on the screen. Being inlaid flush with the stainless steel housing also makes things a little more difficult story short; the quickest way to learn something new is by using someone else’s mistakes. And as I was lifting the screen, I didn’t go quite deep enough to grab the frame, and I accidentally stabbed the screen under the glass and was able to get the screen off in one piece.

That little step in the wrong spot killed the screen entirely. So it’s a good idea to learn from my mistakes if you haven’t opened. The phone is still alive, but now I need a new screen. Anyway, besides the fact that I just broke a phone in front of millions of people through our two tripoint screws holding it over the battery. I’ll remove those, as well as the metal plate, so that we can get to the real goods inside. All on battery ribbon, just like a little Lego, along with the screen ribbon. There’s another plate up top with four more tripoint screws that I’ll remove before and snapping the screen from the phone entirely replacement I live in pro screens are around $170 right now, so I imagine the iPhone 12 Pro will be priced when they start if Apple doesn’t digitally lock them to the motherboard, making third party repairs and possible, which they seem to be doing more of lately. There is a smorgasbord of other connectors revealed now that the screen has gone connectors on top of connectors, try so it looks like I’ll be on snapping them just like little Legos.

IPhone 12 Pro Teardown - Where Are The Magnets.

The last one is taped to the top of the motherboard. So I’ll peel it back and move it away before we head over to the cameras. Four screws are holding down the metal plate or the camera units, the iPhones are always super complex inside, and this one requires at least four different screwdriver bits and a whole lot of organizations since pretty much each has a different size and shape the top camera is the main one, the 12-megapixel sensor with optical image stabilization. Then we have the 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera with no is, and the bottom 12 megapixel two-times optical zoom camera, which does have that is, you might be asking, Hey, Jerry, What about the LIDAR sensor. And that’s a great question. We’ll get to it in a second go inside of the phone. We have the front face ID and the 12-megapixel selfie camera.

The LIDAR module is still screwed in, and facing the rear of the phone, the brains of the motherboard’s operation, draw six screws holding it in place. The SIM card tray has a white water damage indicator sticker over the top grille. This sticker can be seen from outside of the phone if you peek inside of your SIM card tray slot, apples or their phones might be water-resistant, but they’re not waterproof, and Apple can tell if it ever gets wet when that sticker turns pink trial. There are two more ribbons at the bottom of the motherboard.

IPhone 12 Pro Teardown - Where Are The Magnets.

And then the whole thing can cry on the phone is another double-stacked board again this year, with no thermal paste or copper heat pipe is just living his best life with no extra mile. The LIDAR sensor is held in place by two more screws. LIDAR is pretty cool. It’s like a depth sensor on steroids able to draw red light from one circle and measure the bounce back to calculate distances. It makes for some high-speed 3d scanning and measuring. It’s even founded some self-driving cars here on the iPhone. It’ll probably mostly be used for a high-speed autofocusing era, but it’s still cool to see futuristic technology in a mainstream smartphone. Now, the iPhone battery does have a magical pole towel. But I’m going to bust your bubble and break it to you that I hurt all of them. and had to pull the battery out with my bearing.

The battery is a bit smaller than last year’s iPhone 11 Pro sitting at just 2850 hours. We also get our first look at the top side of the wireless charging coil. Spoiler alert the other side looks way more relaxed. But first, we’ll pull out the last tile. It’s a gigantic mess down here with ten more different sized and shaped screws and standoffs. Still, we finally do get to lift out the loudspeaker with its water-resistant mesh inside of the opening, as well as a new massive orange gasket to help seal up that whole SIM card tray is modular kind of fun. But the engine is also smaller this year, but the exciting fact Apple plopped a Lego-style connector right in the middle of the ribbon. Whoever said Apple doesn’t innovate is never seen this. Plus, there’s this thing down here that looks super important, and I don’t even know what it does. If the iPhone looks like a chaotic nightmare inside, it’s because it is the wireless charger that is physically tied into the phone side buttons, so unscrew this metal bracket on the side and pull the mute switch. Right. Then finally, after everything, we get our first look under the wireless charging pad. Try and glimpses a glorious array of circular magnets around the outside.

It’s rather brilliant of attractions to correctly position the two coils on top of each other instead of using one large circular magnet. It’s made up of 18 smaller, more rectangular magnets; Apple has said that every single interest used in the world is recycled, which is incredible. Getting rid of the charging brick headphones and making the box smaller is also supposed to help out the environment. Though fun creates a brand new smartphone consumes almost as much energy as using a smartphone for an entire decade. So since Apple has over 1 billion active iPhones on the planet right now, it makes their phones easier to repair if they wanted to help. I mean, making the box smaller is peanuts compared to how much energy we could save by just using an additional year to not many changes between each new version of a phone anyway. Of course, every step towards helping the environment is a good step. Still, I would like to see Apple facilitate errors instead of just locking every component to the motherboard and having people buy a new phone, which seems to be their current trend. The glass’s underside can be scratched away, making for a small frosty house into the wireless charger. Apple could make one of the coolest exact phones of all time with this coil, but they didn’t. Why did every real detail from the inside of the phone be seen on the outside? Try voiding your warranty.

IPhone 12 Pro Teardown - Where Are The Magnets.

Even the magnets, we can see the attractions, the charging coil, and even the water damage indicator sticker here on the SIM card. Oh, and if we bring over the magical magnetic MagSafe charger, we can see how the two work together. The oil plugged into the wall creates a small energy field that the receiving coil can receive. Science is pretty cool. I’ll leave a link for my tear down scan down in the video description, along with the ridge wallet. And I’ll get this phone put back together and working again—replacement screen. Let me know what you think of Apple’s new charging system. Would you ever buy a clear iPhone?

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