Believing These 10 Myths About Oneplus 8t Teardown Are There Really Two Batteries Keeps You From Growing

Well, rumor has it that one plus has snuck two batteries inside the one plus eight t this year to speed up his charging time instead of one battery charging at 30 watts like last Oh, it’s now two batteries totaling 65 watts. I say we find them and see what they look like from the inside. Oh, let’s get started.

This is the Aquamarine green version of the 80. I still think it looks bluer than anything else. I throw the crazy phones we’ve been like the wing fold and duo. It’ll be nice to open up a regular phone for a change. With some gentle slicing, we can remove the backglass and fold it open like a book.

Nothing special is attached to the glass. The inside of the phone has the NFC cord but no wireless charging. Sixteen standard Philips head screws are holding the whole phone together. I’ll link the toolkit I’m using down in the video description. I’ll unplug the rear flash and top sensor. The top plastics can then come away from the phone, along with the bottom plastics and the built-in loudspeaker. There is no waterproofing on the speaker unit. The mesh is on the frame, as you’ll see in a second. The speaker has foam balls, so these balls dampen the sound and make the speaker box sound more significant.
Now you might be thinking, hey Jerry, it looks like there’s only one battery inside of this phone trying, right, but appearances can be deceiving. We took the liberty to change the battery back to red with our teardowns skin like one plus you try one plus one plus one plus two. I’m sure there are some make showers great again joking here somewhere. But since the last guy who said something similar is a joke. We’ll avoid the subject altogether. Up at the top, we have some graphite tape and copper covering the silver shields: one plus thermal paste on the top side to keep things running efficiently, kind of fun. We make the teardown skin an exact representation of the actual insides, like for the skin down in the video description, and there’s a pretty good chance we’ve already made one to cover your phone. I’ll unplug the battery. Try to long extension ribbons; both pop off like little Legos. Two screws are holding down the motherboard. I can remove the front-facing 16-megapixel camera. There’s no oh is on this guy, but it does electronic image stabilizing. Now for the battery. If you look closely at the nonred battery, you can see a crease down the center. There are two halves, two batteries, but they’re packaged as one with one joint door seam down the style. Each of the halves has 2250 milliamp-hour capacities for a total of 4500.

No, no lithium expert, but it does seem to be standard across the board that most phones don’t charge faster than 30 watts, so it’s probably safe to say that setting a singular battery with more power than that might cause the battery to explode, catch fire. Still, doubling up the batteries allows for double the ability to be utilized Tesla cars the same principle in their electric vehicles. Tesla doesn’t have just one large shower under the car. It’s six or 7000 tiny little batteries that cannot be charged simultaneously very quickly. The copper cooling system of the 80 also extends beneath the shower, try might help with cooling. I’ll show you that in a second. The bottom SIM card tray board can come away. It’s got some screws holding it down in the USB C charging port gamma. It’s on a ribbon all of its own and super easy to replace. It also has its red rubber ring around the tip for water resistance, even though there is no official. Right. The square vibrator is down here and placed right in the phone center above the under-screen fingerprint reader. It’s a tactic style vibrator. The under-screen fingerprint scanner is probably flat sensor types without a lens, and we’d have to break off the screen to see it. I’ll disconnect the four Lego-style ribbons that surround the rear cameras.

And I’ll pull the whole thing out from the motherboard. Since they’re all joined into the same metal housing, try the 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera up top, with no OIS. Then we have the primary 48-megapixel sensor, which does have optical image stabilization. We have the five-megapixel macro camera with no is trying to megapixel monochrome, which also does not have a way as. Finally, we can get the motherboard out. Away from the phone, where Samsung is now not using any thermal paste on their motherboards, one plus has doubled down and doubled up splattering through the back of the motherboard, as well as a few dollops on the front. We can see that the paste rest directly on top of the copper heat pipe, which extends below the battery.

The copper can take the heat from the processor and the battery as well, I assume, and then release it out the front of the display camera sensors are known to heat up as well. So there is some graphite tape and copper underneath. But it doesn’t seem to be a primer chamber. Now I’m always torn at this point since I do like seeing the vapor chambers in their entirety. But to do so, I would have to remove the screen, which kills the phone, and I should probably leave this one alive, so definitely killed the last few phones that came across my desk, the full two and the duo. We can still check out a few more things like the waterproofing mesh over the bottom’s loudspeaker holes. And we can also slice open the vapor chamber to see the little droplets of liquid inside near the bottom.

Since we don’t want any sharp objects underneath the battery when we put it back in, dry rip off the rest of the copper flap and lay the plastic layer back on top, sharp objects, and lithium don’t play super well together. Now we can put everything back together and hope it still turns on. I think this one plus eight T is the phone that one plus is released this year. And while it’s always worth a glance, with its incremental improvements, you know if you’re going to commission. I’d be okay if smartphone companies stopped releasing three or four versions of the same phone every year and just focused on one or two more solid devices. Still, I guess more variations reduce the overall risk of one design, and they get their brand out in front of people with each new release wave brand awareness is pretty priceless. Either way, with everything, turned on. It’s functioning like a typical kind of nice to have a phone living again after a teardown.

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