A group of sentences in which a single main idea developed.

 》In a typical paragraph, the first paragraph describes the main idea, and other paragraphs support the main idea.

》 A paragraph is most often a part of a more extended composition.

》 It has a clear central idea, and paragraphs revolve around the main idea.

》A paragraph can also be one sentence if the sentence describes whole situations. This is called a miniature essay.

》 Paragraph has a clear central idea 

A good paragraph has the following things:

  1. Unity
  2. Good Language
  3. Support  
  4. Coherence 
  5. Unity

Unity has only one main idea, and it is announced with the topic sentence. It is mainly at the start of the Paragraph. It may be the middle or end of the Paragraph.

2. Good Language 

• Grammatical Accuracy 

 Use proper tenses and good sentence formation. Use good sentence structure.

• Punctuation 

Use correct punctuation, which clearly shows that you are talking about that thing.

• Abt Vocabulary 

Abt Vocabulary is used when you convey your message and give information. Sometimes you deliver a short talk reasonably, and sometimes you deliver a short talk in a brutal way such that you have appropriate Vocabulary for what you want to say.

3. Support

Support has a supporting idea. It doesn’t give any information which goes against the main idea. Evidence essay which is on the support and has relation to the main idea, then we come towards detail.

4. Coherence 

There are well-organized details, and it has chronological order and has essential and logical chronological order. A sequence which you have to describe and then clear with sensible connections which you make a sentence. To make sensible connections between sentences, we used linkers.

Types of Paragraph 

1. Descriptive Paragraph 

In this type, you describe a person or thing, which is used to write a paragraph. What is it?. What it’s essential?. 

2. Narrative Paragraph 

This type of Paragraph is related to entertainment. Mostly this Paragraph was written to entertain someone—for instance, dramas, movies, etc.

3. Expository Paragraph 

Expository means giving information about anything. This Paragraph is mainly used in newspapers and generations.

4. Persuasive Paragraph 

This Paragraph is used to tell you about your situation.

For example, write a Paragraph to the prime minister or Chief Minister to tell you about your abusive situation.

Process of Writing a Paragraph 

1. Gather

To write a paragraph, first, you gather all information about your topic.

2. Organize

After gathering, the information is converted into a meaningful way.

3. Draft

First, You write the data (which is collected) in rough form on the page and then edit the data.

4. Edit

You can check the data, and the data is in a refined form.

5. Publish

You can Publish the data which you have to write. It is the final step of the process of writing.

 Structure of Paragraph 

There are two visual representations of paragraph design.

》In the old days, starting the Paragraph starts at half-line, and the first half-line is skipped.

》Secondly, the structure paragraph starts at the beginning of the line, and now, this rule is to follow.

Stages of writing

There are two stages of writing.

1. Primary Stage of writing 

 There are Vocabulary, 

spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and sentence linkers in the primary stage of writing.

2. Secondary stage of writing 

There are paragraph format, central point, supporting detail, style, description, definition, and comparison in the second writing stage.


To connect the sentences, we used linkers.

》Course And Effect 

•As a result, •Because •Hence •Since •So

》 Importance 

• At first •last •least •most important •next

》 Similarity 

• Also   

 • another • and    

•, in addition, • like


• although • but     

• however, • instead • though 

》 Time

• after • before • then • when • finally 


•Above •around •behind •here •here 


》Above All

• additionally, • apart from • besides • especially • even •, for example, •, for instance, • furthermore 

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