We discussed some charming and ideal places to live in the U.S. Nowadays the crime rate is increasing rapidly, drug addiction increases day by day even in a country like the U.S., it is becoming a national issue. People want a healthy and safe environment around there.

Some states like Utah, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, Washington, Virginia, and Minnesota are the most reliable and safe states around the U.S. We are going to introduce you to these states one by one.

  1. Utah 

 The 45th state that joins the U.S. is Utah and it is the 30th largest state in all the U.S. It has charming places that attract visitors to visit Utah. One of the best things about this state is that it has a four-way shared border with Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming. It has beautiful natural landscapes and five national parks. Utah is also known for hosting the 2002 winter Olympic games in Salt Lake City. Utah claims No.1 rank in our list. 

  1. New Hampshire

  On Rank No.2 in our list is New Hampshire, this state remains comfortable in New England next to few other top states such as Massachusetts and Vermont. New Hampshire is a really beautiful place, its closeness to Quebec, Canada, brought out many French-Canadians to the land back in the day. Today ¼th population of New Hampshire consists of French-Canadians.

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3.     Massachusetts

 This state stretches less than other states; only 10,565 square miles cover this state, but this state has the highest population ratio over the country. Massachusetts is full of amazing bays and rivers, it boasts castle plains, twinkle cities, rolling hills, and the Cape Cod peninsula. According to the better facilities this state brings out as the best place to live in the U.S. Therefore, this state is on No.3 in our rank of best places in the U.S.high-rise buildings under blue sky and white clouds

4. Maryland

 Maryland is a beautiful place and it is situated on the right in the north of the country and is part of the first 19 colonies. This state is not much populated and neither richer than the others, but this state has other charming abilities that make it a better place to live. The people in Maryland are more educated than the other big states and the poverty ratio among big states is rather low. That’s why this state stands on the 4th rank in our list.

5. Colorado

 Colorado is a famous state due to its trackless natural beauty, its fresh mountain air, lots of forests and greenery, and the people with a love for the outdoors. It is a wonderful region that represents some of the best views around the whole world, such as the Colorado River, Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, and the Colorado Plateau. Colorado shares its border with Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. It has different ranges of climates differing from the Mediterranean to the subtropical to the cold desert.body of water across the mountain during sunset

6. Washington

 Washington is a cold state that is in the very North of the country, this wet state offers a great quality of life. It has assorted landscape and geography, with the popular Cascade Mountains and the charming forests bordering Seattle. It is the biggest city but it is not the capital, instead, it is Olympia. Visitors can visit many wonderful places here like the Space Needle and the Pike Place Market. So, these abilities bring out the 6th rank on our list.

7. Virginia

 Due to its natural beauty, Virginia is known as the place for the Lovers. From the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the coastlines of beaches, this state has something special for its visitors. Half of the total area of Virginia is covered by forests and it is just miles away from the nation’s capital, the District of Columbia. With its natural beauty, this place offers a safe location for families to call home.

8. Minnesota

 Minnesota sits near the Great Lakes of North America and it is surrounded by trees and prairies. Alaska is the 2nd northernmost state in the U.S. Its border covers Lake Superior, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, as well as Manitoba and Ontario in Canada. The winters are very cold and summer is very hot in Minnesota but there are many more beautiful reasons which keep people living here.

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9. North Dakota

 It is a very big state with many opportunities for those who want to live in this city or on a farm. The main Educational institutes and universities are located near the area of Grand Forks. Additionally, North Dakota’s economy stands on agriculture and petrol. Few financial institutions are working successfully to grow its economy.

10. Vermont

 Vermont is the sixth smallest state in the area around the U.S. Interestingly, its most populated city cannot even compete with the other top cities of the U.S. Natural beauty, the indigenous tribes, and this state is the top producer of maple syrup. green trees and green grass field near body of water during daytime

So, these are the top 10 best places in the United States to live here. We are trying our best to inform you about these states. Hopefully, this article helps you to find out your ideal place to live in the U.S.

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