Whatsapp is a very popular social media platform. This app is designed to communicate with other people such as Friends and Family Members. Its main function is to chat (send and receive SMSs). It works as same as we do chat in text messages with our phone. but there is also a big difference between text messaging and WhatsApp messaging. Whatsapp can show us, whether our message is sent or not to others. This function is not available in text messaging because we don’t know whether our SMS is sent or not. So it is a very useful feature of Whatsapp. 

How we can see that our SMS is sent or not on Whatsapp? 

The answer is that, when we send a message to someone, it will show a Grey color symbol of “Tick” on our SMS. This means that our message is sent successfully to our friend or family member. There is another interesting feature of this app which is, we can see, whether the person to whom we are sending the message, seen the message or not. We can check this by the symbols of the tick on our message. If there is only a single (Grey color) symbol, then it means the other person is offline and our message has been sent.

If there will be two Grey color ticks, then it means, the person is online but has not seen the message still. But if there will be two Blue ticks are shown on our message, it means the other person has seen your message. Furthermore, you can also see, whether the other person is replying to you or not. You can see this when the word “typing” is showing on the profile (contact) of that person to whom you are doing SMS. 

Whatsapp needs the data but the text message needs only network and package. Whatsapp can only use in Android Mobiles, iPhones, and PCs. It is not supported on keypad mobiles.

There are many other features of Whatsapp that are not available as text messaging. Such as, we can set a profile picture in our Whatsapp account. There are many GIFs, Stickers, and Emojis. We can use these to show our current expressions to other peoples. There is an option to set your status. The status means you can show your story or your feelings and emotions to others. You can upload your written status, video status, and picture status. The length of the status is 30 seconds and its duration is 24 hours. After 24 hours it is deleted automatically. 

This app has finished the distances between family and friends. People can contact their friends and family all over the world. Not only do they contact, but they can also do voice and see them with live video calls. Whatsapp is not only a way of communication but it is also a way of Entertainment because you can send media to other peoples. This media includes Videos, Pictures, and Audio. The people are benefitted from this feature as they can study online by watching the videos of the lectures, sent from their teachers, lecturers, and professors.

You can also make your groups and join groups of many kinds. Such as the Study groups, Informative groups, Islamic groups, A Separate Family Group, Friends Group, Entertainment Groups, Poetry Groups, General Knowledge Groups, News Groups, Class Groups, etc. Every group has a space of 247 members. These groups help in making the Unity among the friends and the family and in communicating to them at a time. There is also an option of broadcasting. In broadcasting, you can send a single message (such as the message of an event or festival) to many people at a time. The dark mode feature is also available on Whatsapp which is very helpful in eye care.

There is much privacy; you can apply to your profile. Like, you can hide your status from someone, you can change the setting of your group that no one can send a message in the group except you, you can hide your last seen, you can block someone, etc. these are the very useful features that we can’t find in the text messaging. You can contact everyone with this app. It does not matter that what is the network or country of the people, you communicate with.

 Kinds of Whatsapp 

There are many kinds of Whatsapp such as Whatsapp Business, Whatsapp GB, and many others. Business Whatsapp is used to do business online. All the other kinds of Whatsapp have many advanced and additional features but they are not secured as the Original Whatsapp. 

How to install and use Whatsapp?

To install Whatsapp, go to the Play Store and search “Whatsapp”. The official app will be shown at the top of the searched item. Click on it and install it. After installing, open this. It will show an option of “Agree and Continue”. Click on it and it will say you to enter your mobile number with your country code (such as +92 for Pakistan).

When you enter your number and press the “Next” button, you have to enter, six digits code that is sent to your number. Enter the code and press the “Next” button. Now you have to set your profile picture and name. After this, Whatsapp is opened. Here is an Option to start the chat. So click on it and start chatting with your friends and family.

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