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This is an exciting topic in which we shall discuss the google site kit, how it works? Google site kit is the product of google. Its older name Is google insights. Many people get confused when we search these two keywords. However, we don’t need to discuss why they changed the name.

Our primary purpose is to define what google site kit is? For which purpose it helps us!

Google site kit is all one plugin used in WordPress websites to manage google analytics, google search console, google AdSense, and google page speed insight. Due to managing these, this Is known as an all-rounder plugin. This plugin provides instant insights into your data related to google search console, google analytics, google AdSense, and page speed insights.

Benefits of google site kits:

There are a lot of benefits of the google site kit. The site kit includes four tools & we here discuss them one by one.


Does the Google search console provide information on how google indexes, crawlers work? Google search console is a free tool that can help to understand which topics are searching on your site. These crawlers provide accurate information about their site & help to maintain, optimize their site. Using the Google search console, we can index any page or post in just seconds. We have to copy this link of that page or post it and paste it into the google search console. The crawlers of google receive the request and get back to. In this way, it helps us. Google Search Console also helps us to maintain our site.

Google Search:

This section gives us information on all keywords that are placed on our site. This means that if we target one keyword in 1 blog post, it shows how many impressions and searches you are getting directly from search results. As it shows the result for the post, it also gives the same information as our pages.

Google News:

If your site is approved by google news, it shows all the data of google news.


In this area, we get the knowledge of indexed posts and pages. If it shows any error, then it displays the red line on it. In this way, we can easily see the issues in indexing.


Sitemaps help google to read the structure of our site. This helps the google crawler to see the entire site in just one click.

Page Experience:

It tells about our site. Its speed and design. If the site is good, then it shows us all good by colors.

Infect, we can get all the information on our website. This also helps in various fields. This helps to search engine experts to make an audit of your site. Audit contains the entire site’s current condition. So in this way, it helps to get the required thing.

Google Analytics: 

Google Analytics is a tool to see everything about our audience, goals, sessions, and many other features. This is the tool of Google that a part of the google site kit. This tool gives us the following attributes to see our site behavior. Read below all its features:


This tool tells us the real-time traffic on our website. This is important because we know live who is seeing our website with proper location and device.

All Traffic:

You can check your traffic sources. You can check from where people see your website. Here are all the statistics of your traffic. You can check it with different filters to analyze your website from different angles.

This is the tool of Google and helps you to understand your traffic and CPC if your site is monetized from Google AdSense. You can see your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly users. This is the exciting thing about this tool because no paid tool provides you such a facility. So, there are many analytics options to see your site.

Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is a site on which you can see your all earing. It shows the lifetime earning data. This data helps us to see your lifetime earnings from AdSense. In the site kit, it provides you the same data. You have to install and connect google AdSense to see your data on a dashboard.

 Google page speed insights:

This is a web developer tool to see your site speed and responsiveness on mobile and desktop. When You analyze your site, it shows you the speed on mobile and desktop. It also shows you the issues that are hurting your website. This shows you all the issues that are affecting the speed of both modes. In this way, the SEO experts know the speed issues and solutions. So, in this way, we can solve the issues of your speed. This is the factor of on-page SEO. So, in this way, it helps us.


We can conclude that this is the plugin that contains four platforms at a time. This helps to see and compare our data with google search console, google analytics, and Google Adsense. So use and explore all the features of the site kit plugin.

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