Zurich Switzerland Best Place to Visit

Zurich, an urbanized cosmopolitan metropolis located on the northwestern tip of the lake Zurich is the finance capital of Switzerland. With historical settlements dating back to almost 2000 years, Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland spanning across an immense area of 87.88 Km2. Renowned by the world for its delicious chocolates, vibrant nightlife, vivacious lifestyles and urban shopping arenas, Zurich holds the pleasure incomparable to any other city in the world. As an opulent banking city, Zurich embraces the title for being the most expensive city in the world.

 Due to its exquisite environment and exceptional business market, Zurich is able to attract visitors from various cosmopolitan cities like New York, Berlin, London and San Francisco. People from several developed cities visit Zurich for business tourism and to enjoy its unparalleled lifestyle. Zurich offers its guests with a variety of entertainment options. From history and art museums to lavish nightclubs and shopping malls, Zurich truly holds a treat for every kind of visitor.

Popular Landmarks:

Zurich is so fertile when it comes to terms of visiting extraordinary places that we had a hard time shortlisting landmarks for our list! Zurich entertains its guests with the kind amusement they demand. It has all types of entertainments in store for its guests. Whether it be gambling or nightlife, shopping or history, Zurich faces no scarcity when it is time to entertain. Popular places to visit in Zurich are:

·   Swiss national museum- Museum of Swiss history, art and culture.

·   Bahnhofstrasse- Main Street with high-end shops.

·   Fraumunster Church- Ancient 11th century church with Chagall windows.

·   Zoo Zurich- Wildlife zoo with 370+ species.

·   FIFA World football museum- Football exhibits and sports bar.

·   Zurich opera house- Neo-baroque building for world-class opera.

·   Lindehoff- Historic city center.

·   Lake Zurich- Water sports and cruise trips.

·   Langstrasse nightlife- Vivacious nightlife in Zurich.

Food and Transportation:

Getting around Zurich is much convenient and reliable with public transportation. In fact, over 70% of the Zurich population uses public transportation like cable cars, railways and boats. Zurich transportation is a one ticket system meaning you can access all mediums of transport through one ticket. You get free unlimited transportation if have a Zurich card. Although other forms of transports are easily available, cycling your way around the city is much appreciated by the locals.

As for the food, there are variety of options available. Being a cosmopolitan city, Zurich offers many different cuisines. From fast food to inter-continental cuisines, Zurich has a diverse range of dishes when it comes to choosing between which meals to eat. However if you are more into the local cuisine then we suggest that you try Cheese fondue, Rösti, Raclette, Zürcher geschnetzeltes, Birchermüesli and Zürcher eintopf. Don’t forget the chocolates! The Zurich chocolates are world famous for their pleasant taste.


Accommodation in Zurich comes with a good price tag. It’s considered to be one the most expensive cities of the world and due to its importance in business industry, the room rates are particularly higher than the other cities. The current average daily rental stands at a handsome amount of 112 USD. Usually the average rates are +100$ however the rates dropped to significant amount last year due to lower occupancy rates that happened because of COVID-19.

Graph indicating Average daily rental rate in USD

The average daily rental highly depends on the amount of facilities offered to the guest. The better the facilities, the higher the rates. Due to the climate of the region, facilities like air conditioned rooms and swimming pools are not widely available. The temperature in Zurich can go as high as 28 degrees

in July and the winters are really cold so that is why you wouldn’t come across facilities you would probably find in sunny areas.

The room occupancy rates crashed last year due to the pandemic of COVID-19. The Swiss government had imposed many travel restrictions for the safety of its people. Even now there are some restrictions imposed on the tourism industry in order to take over the deadly virus. Currently the room occupancy stands at around 17%. This means that out of 100 rooms, only 17 are being rented at the time.

The best time to visit Zurich is the summer as the weather is pleasantly warm with loads of entertainments to enjoy. The winters are harshly cold and most of the tourists avoid visiting Zurich in winter. That is why the occupancy percentage is comparatively lower in the winters.

      Graph showing average occupancy rates.

Airbnb hosts earn about 18,000 to 33,000 USD per annum revenue depending on the location and amount of amenities offered by the host. The airbnbs located near the center or the lake attract more guests.

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